What are the top choices for taxis?

When it comes to the responsibility of being a taxi driver and carrying people from A to B, you’ll want a car that has certain features and is reliable and trustworthy. Here we take a look at some of the important features that you’ll need in a vehicle:

5 doors

Passengers will want to be able to get in and out the car with ease and they don’t want to be climbing over the front seats to get in the back. A 5 door vehicle is a must. Making access as easy is possible is also crucial as cars with a high step up to the seating or awkward spaces are going to be pretty awful for those with restricted mobility.

Fuel efficiency

You’ll need a vehicle that you don’t need to keep refilling every hour so look for something with good delivery on miles per gallon. It also makes good economic sense to choose a car with low emissions. A Fleet Vehicle Tracking system that you can get from businesses like Vehicle Accessories

Space for passengers

Make the journey as comfortable as possible for your paying customers by choosing something with plenty of legroom. Look for a vehicle with generous interior space or it won’t be an enjoyable journey if your passengers are sitting with their knees up by their ears. You’ll also lose a repeat customer if they are not comfortable.

Cost efficient maintenance and upkeep

Buying a used car may save you money to begin with but will it be as reliable as a new one? Repair and maintenance costs are likely to be much higher with a used car and may outweigh the savings you made initially. These are points that need to be considered but if there is no budget for a new vehicle then a used car in good condition is a decent compromise.

Boot space

Don’t force your passengers to pile everything on their laps as your passengers may have luggage, shopping, or pushchairs with them, particularly if you regularly pick up from an airport or train station. Having good boot space will ensure your customers have a more comfortable and pleasant experience and give you room for stowing essentials like a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and antifreeze to be prepared for any roadside eventuality.

Here are some top choices for taxis:

Mercedes S Class

Features of the S Class include:

  • The car is very spacious

  • Fuel efficient

  • Comfortable

  • Good re-sale value

  • Has good performance


Although a rather pricey investment, there are many benefits. Spending so much time in a car, the driver will find it comfortable and easy to drive. A brand new model costs around the £70,000 mark but they do hold value well, being more of an investment.

Skoda Octavia

Features of the Octavia include:

  • This car is very spacious

  • Fuel efficiency

  • It is very reliable

  • Spacious

  • It is cheaper than the VW Golf


The Skoda Octavia can be purchased new from as little as £22,000, allowing taxi drivers to invest more money in other areas of their business. Cost-effective but does not mean that is it of a low standard, constantly receiving rave reviews from owners and car critics.

Vauxhall Insignia

Features of the Insignia include:

  • Twin front airbags

  • Side and curtain airbags

  • Remote control security alarm system

  • Reclining front seats

  • Driver’s seat height adjuster

  • Door-to-door illumination

  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)


The Vauxhall Insignia can be bought brand new for £15,000 with many different models and specifications available.

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